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Technical pioneer of fine chemical and bulk drug intermediates
Fuxin Broad Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. is a key hi-tech enterprise which is famous for its high technology, high growth and high efficiency. Guided by its technology, Fuxin Broad Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. is specialized on developing and producing bulk drugs and pharmaceutical intermediates and providing contract -customized service.
Supported by its parent company's overseas technological advantage, rich experience and powerful abilities in the field of medicine research and development, Fuxin Broad Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. has rapidly formed its own features in bulk drugs and intermediates, and established its trademark and status in this field. It has the abilities to offer clients products from gram-degree to ton-degree, our company has established a wide range of cooperative relations with twenty companies at home and abroad.
About Fuxin Broad Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.:
Locating in the Fuxin city of Liaoning province, the original place for China's pharmaceutical and chemical industry, Fuxin Broad Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. is a hi-tech company specialized on the development, production of bulk drugs and pharmaceutical intermediates and the contract-manufacturing services.  It is an also high-tech enterprise strongly supported by Liaoning government.
The parent company has set up an integrative R&D center in Beijing. It provides Fuxin Broad Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. with advanced technological processes and quality control system by fully making use of overseas and domestic technologies.

With ISO standard quality control in manufacturing base, we provide pilot-scale, scale-up and bulk manufacturing from gram-degree to ton-degree.
According to the clients' requirements, our company can offer services from synthetic route design, to synthesis, purity and structural identification in strict accordance with terms on confidential agreement. We can offer clients target compound in the shortest time, from small scale test to the research, development and contract-manufacturing.
Making full use of the latest medical technology and market information advantages of its parent company, combining its own technique optimizations and industrialized advantages, Fuxin Broad Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. is mainly engaged in the technical development and production of featured bulk drugs and pharmaceutical intermediates. Currently, our company has several advanced technique platforms of international scale in bulk drug synthesis and technologies.

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