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Loyalty: Loyalty is the foundation of everything. Only when you are loyal to the company, you can share the development of the company, be the core member of the team and gain larger development space. Loyalty is only the foundation for individual reputation. It is the passport for the society, market and company to evaluate and receive newcomers. 
Thinking: Firstly, thinking represents a kind of concern. You think about all kinds of problems relating to the development of the country on your own initiative, even though these problems may not within your responsibility range. Secondly, thinking represents individual initiative. For a team, it is not enough to do well in the basic work, it only can maintain one team's operation if that is all we have done. But for the team's long-term development, we in fact have to do more. So we need to think something on our own initiative, consider the future and risk. Lastly, thinking also represents concentration. In the company, we should to be a thinker. We should pay attention to the company's business. Lack of concentration and attention, we cannot find existing problems.
Construction: The relation between thinking and construction is the relation between consideration and practice. Firstly, construction means to do solid work, it also represents one's capability and fighting will. Even when the external environment is not appreciable, we still can perform well on the market. Secondly, construction also means we take action after in-depth thinking, we do not act recklessly, we do have considered the constraint condition before we act, and our action has been designed and is efficient.
Undertaking: Undertaking represents responsibility and courage. When we're under a favorable circumstance, everyone seems to get along with each other easily, but when we're under adverse circumstance, all kinds of contradictions come out. The reason for it is because adverse circumstance brings pressure and the pressure need to be undertook and borne by someone. Besides, undertaking also mean risk. A company is just like a team that needs to undertake the risk and seek for development together. Risk is a real thing we need to consider, so during the market competition, we have to face the concrete pressure. As a member of the company, we should put a brave face on undertaking the risk. 
Sharing: Sharing will be easily settled when we live up to the above points. A team with loyalty, thinking, construction and the ability to take the burden seldom fails. While sharing the success, we also need to share thinking, construction, responsibility and risk.

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