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Internationalized and Specialized Team:
Beijing Research and Development Center has gathered more than 20 experts on organic synthesis and medical chemistry. Meanwhile, our company has established a wide range of network with Organic Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Nankai University, Lanzhou University etc. And established joint labs with some of universities, which have ensured BroadPharma' leading position in technology.
The Company's technical centers are in charged by key technical team numbers, which graduated from Beijing University, China Academy of Sciences and Nankai University etc. They have been engaged in the research and development, manufacturing of organic synthesis and medical chemistry for years.
Parent company has also invited many famous foreign scientists, scholars and domestically famous experts in the fields of organic synthesis and medical chemistry as our company's technical and management advisers. In addition, we have set up Technology and Management Advisory Committee.
Core Competitive Power:
Advanced manufacturing facilities, all-around productive capacity:
Our company possesses complete manufacturing facilities for pilot scale and scale-up experiment, and two industrialized scale-up manufacturing bases. Our company's manufacturing base has scale-up workshops, production workshops, quality inspection center and unusual equipment including deep freezing (-80℃), high temperature, high-pressure hydrogenation etc..
Complete world class quality assurance system:
Our company has set up strict management system and complete quality assurance systems. Many products are produced in accordance with international quality certification system (ISO9001). Complete quality assurance system has used pharmacopoeia of European and American countries for reference. In addition, we have successfully helped our cooperative partners with DMF registration for many products in FDA, EU, Australia and Canada.
Our company pays much attention to the stability of experiments, verification of analysis method and the investigation of OOS to ensure the accuracy and scientificness of analytical data in order to provide best service to our clients. So what BroadPharma's cooperative partners may obtain bulk drugs and intermediates with advanced technology, lowest price and stable products.

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